Walks - Street versus Art

Desirable and undesirable street art - in the Canal Area and in the centre

The streets of Brussels are one big street art gallery. Graffiti, tags, flops, stickers, stencils... they all turn up just where you don’t expect them. From work that alludes to classical art to pure vandalism, the diversity is enormous. What one person merely finds shocking may be provocative for someone else. 

The city therefore deals with street art in various different ways: fining, removing, accepting or even recovering. A Bruksel guide takes you on a tour of the ‘street gallery’, including artists such as Ralers, Créons, OakOak and of course the master himself, Bonom. 

You can take this tour in the Canal Area or in the city centre.


Departure for Canal Area tour: somewhere near the Canal (e.g. Comte de Flandre metro station) 

Finish for Canal Area tour: Sainctelette area  

Departure for city centre tour: Central Station or Bozar

Finish for city centre tour: 
Chapel Church area 


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