Prices and practical details 

PRIces  2023



Half day (max 3.5 hours) 235 370
Whole day (max 8 hours) 435 680
Extra ½ hour (beyond 3.5 hours) +35 +75
Museum, short tour 190 245
Reservation +45 +50


These are charged for separately.


The price consists of a fixed fee of €100 for the reservation, delivery and collection of the bicycles, plus the actual hire charge for the bicycles: €14 per bicycle, with a minimum of ten bicycles.  

Bus hire (guideline prices and times )

½ DAY (max  3,5 hours)
½ DAY (max 5 hours)
16-22 seats  405 510 655
32 seats 
445 540 710
35 seats
460 560 725
49 seats
485 585 770

On Sundays, hiring a bus costs
an extra 50 €

Maximum Number of Participants

walks: 25 participants per guide (from congo to matonge: 20)

bikes or public transport: 18 participants per guide

Bus tour: 49 participants for the maximum bus length of 12 metres



For most tours we prefer a duration of 3.5 hours, including a stop for a drink.  If you really don’t have time, we can cut this to 2.5 hours, without stopping for a drink. 


Dutch, French, English, German

preparing for your tour


Bruksel believes it is important to talk. If we know a little about your group before the booking is made (for example, your plans for your day in Brussels, how much you know about the capital, any special interests and where you will be entering Brussels), we can take this into account. We will be happy to make suggestions for meals (although we will not make reservations on your behalf) or concerning cultural activities during the rest of your visit to the capital.

how the booking process works  

Once everything has been agreed (content, timing, places, etc.), we will send you a written overview of the arrangements, together with the cancellation conditions.  If you reply to our email confirming the arrangements, the tour will be booked. It is always helpful to contact us about ten days before the planned activity. We prefer you to pay by bank transfer following the tour, after we have sent you the invoice.



A bus tour usually gives a more general overview of the capital, but is less eco-friendly and not always practical. You may wish to combine a bus tour with short walks through different districts. The bus must be sufficiently manoeuvrable and no more than 12 metres long (usually 49 passengers), so that the guide can still be heard by the passengers at the back. Open-top, double-decker or articulated buses are not allowed. Bruksel can also hire a bus on your behalf for your Bruksel activity.  


Bike tours combine the overview of a bus tour with the detailed experience of a walking tour. Either bring your own bikes, or Bruksel will hire bikes for you, in which case we need to know how many men’s, women’s and children’s bikes you need.

public transport  

This has its drawbacks as the mode of transport for a tour itself, but is of course ideal for getting to the place where your tour starts. Be sure to check out the price formulas that suit your group at  If tickets are needed during a tour, Bruksel can take care of them. You can then reimburse us afterwards, for example when you pay your invoice.


cancellation charges for guided tours  

  • If you cancel more than a month before the date: 25 euros per guide to be cancelled for the non-profit sector, 40 euros per guide to be cancelled for the profit sector.

    If you cancel during the last month: 30 percent of the guide’s fee.

    If you cancel during the last two weeks: 50 percent of the guide’s fee.

    If you cancel during the last week: 75 percent of the guide’s fee.

    If you cancel the day before or on the day of the tour: 100 percent of the guide’s fee.

    Failing to provide a standard bus or smaller for a bus tour is treated as equivalent to cancelling on the day of the tour. A standard bus is a maximum of 12 metres long and has a maximum of 49 seats.

charges for additional reservation requirements  

For some guided tours, Brukselbinnenstebuiten also takes care of extra requirements such as hiring a bus or reserving a museum visit. In the event of cancellation, an administrative charge will be applied for each cancelled reservation. For the non-profit sector, this is 25 euros per cancelled reservation. For the profit sector, this is 40 euros per cancelled reservation. If the bus company, museum or other institution concerned also applies cancellation charges, these will simply be passed on.

payment of costs incurred 

In exceptional cases, costs may already have been incurred for an assignment, e.g. for devising or studying the content of special guides, editorial work or contacts with third parties. In the event of cancellation, the costs already incurred will be charged.

SPECIFIc cancellation agreements

In specific situations, alternative or specific cancellation agreements may be made in consultation with a group.