Brukselbinnenstebuiten in english

Brussels is a fascinating city,
fascinating for those who live in it, but also for those who merely observe it.
Brussels is a complex and controversial place, where (at least) two cultures meet.
Brussels, hub of art nouveau, can be unexpectedly charming.
Brussels, battlefield of real estate speculation, can also inspire indignation.
Brussels and its astonishing rejuvenation will in any case surprise you.

Brukselbinnenstebuiten is an association that helps you to look at this city, and to understand it better, by walks, bus tours or tours with public transportation.
We tell you the stories from yesterday and from today, dealing with urban growth and with community work, with innovative architecture and open space planning, with population, migration and traffic control.
We believe that this city has an extraordinary potential, and want to share this conviction with you, by studying its form, its development, its multiple problems and its constant renewal.
We show you how to view architecture and to interpret it.

Brukselbinnenstebuiten is a non-profit association, recognized and subsidized by the Flemish Community and by the Flemish Commission of the Brussels Regional Government.
The name means 'Brussels turned inside out'.
Its roots can be found in community work and urban action groups.
Brukselbinnenstebuiten guides show around some 550 groups a year.

Our guides don’t talk from a distance.
They're devoted to the city and will be glad to show their commitment.

Groups wanting a guide
The best choice for a non-Belgian group is probably the bus tour Brussel Zien & Zoenen (Seeing Brussels & kissing it), showing the multiple aspects of the city: from the middle ages until today, green spaces as well as office developments, architecture as well as community work, Europe as well as fast trains… and including a short break in a typical café. Other possibilities include walks in the Marolles district, in Molenbeek across the Canal, in the North district or in the Inner City. Thematic tours can focus on water in the city, social housing or green spaces. Across the heart is a cross-section walk from uptown to downtown.

We prefer tours or walks of at least 3 hours, including a coffee break. Walks are limited to 25 participants per guide. Only standard buses are allowed on bus tours, not over 12 metres long, and with a maximum of 49 seats. No double-deckers or the like, since they make efficient communication between the group, the guide and the driver very difficult, and since many streets are not accessible for them. If a tour has to be cancelled because the bus is not suitable, the guide will have to be paid for.
We also provide tailor-made tours and can organise transportation as well as meals. A guide costs € 210 for half a day. The fee for companies is € 320 for half a day.

Hopstraat 47 (bus 1), 1000-Brussel
e-mail: [email protected]