IS thIS Molenbeek?

The international media have been very interested in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek lately. At times, they have managed to present this Brussels' municipality in a very oversimplified way: no-go area, a hideout for terrorists, a breeding-ground for Jihadists, a sanctuary for extremists... a small piece of Brussels that nobody can grasp, apparently. Every nuance is lost. Brukselbinnenstebuiten wants to put the debate back on track with an exploration in the areas between the Canal, the Ninoofsesteenweg and the Leopold II-laan, adding a multi-coloured layer to the the one-sided view.
A guide from Brukselbinnenstebuiten will take you along Chien Vert, Bonnevie, L'Espoir, La Fonderie, Farcy and the 'Zavelzinneke' and will show you how the old industrial glory faded away and how Molenbeek has turned into a part of the city where migration is responsible for the dynamics and is building a future.
A tour about how 20.000 people are working on a better life in a better city.

On foot.
Departure from: outside metrostation Graaf van Vlaanderen (Comte de Flandre), near the escalator at the side of the canal
End: in the neighborhood of the Sint-Jan-Baptistvoorplein (Parvis Saint-Jean-Baptiste), where you can reflect on the tour drinking a tea in a local café.

The starting point, in detail.
The metrostation Graaf van Vlaanderen (Comte de Flandre) is situated at the Sint-Mariastraat, in between the Graaf van Vlaanderenstraat and the Koolmijnenkaai. Metrolines 1 and 5 are a direct connection to the Central Station. You can also go on foot from the Central Station to the starting point, passing the Grote Markt, Beurs and Dansaertstraat. At the end of the Dansaertstraat, you cross the canal an go to the right. Keep following the Canal for a hundred meters en you'll find the starting point on your lefthand side. This will be a fifteen-minutes walk.


zo. 19 mrt. 2017
Start 14u00
Einde 17u30
10 €
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